Stolen things.

On Friday gone, the 9th January I got home and found it had been broken into, and property was stolen. I keep finding more and more things missing as the days go by. Here is the list so far. I’m waiting on corporations to supply me with any information they can regarding the serials of products I have taken online and will update this post as I get them. I’ve bunched stuff together in lists as someone might try selling some as a lot.


  • Sony PlayStation 3 Premium Version + 320GB HDD (SERIAL: . ~£450 and £100 respectively, 2007 and 2009.
  • Sony PlayStation 3 Eye (camera). £19.98, 2009.
  • Sony PlayTV tuner – see link for information. £39.99, 2009.
  • PlayStation 3 games: Guitar Hero 3, Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metalica, Guitar Hero 5, Mirrors Edge, Street Fighter IV. £20 each = £120.
  • 3 x PS3 controllers (2 x SixAxis & 1 x DualShock). £100.

Other Electrical:

  • Asus Nexus 7 2012 Tablet – see link for information. £189.00, 2012.
  • Samsung Chronos Series 7, 17″ silver laptop computer (SERIAL: HWTX91JC900051D) – see link for information. £999.99, 2012.
  • Duronic laptop case – see link for information. £10, 2013.
  • LG 22″ LED (flatscreen) Monitor – note: not a television. £121.00, 2010.
  • Compaq Series CQ, 15″ black laptop computer. £300.00, 2010.
  • Samsung Galaxy SII Mobile Phone. £120, 2011.
  • iPod Nano, 2nd generation, black with a white dial (customised- see this image). £60, 2006.
  • iPod Touch, 3rd generation. £190, 2009.

Specialist items:

Collectables and other items:

  • A dozen or so half and full crowns (coins) in various presentation cases (dated late 70s to 1980s), or in cream (or purple) woolen coin envelopes, all stored in a plain white jiffy bag. Also contains some unusual coins of hexagonal and other polygons, and even a square one with beveled corners.
  • Waterloo Regiments (Franklin Mint) General figure – see this image.
  • Guess Chronograph Watch, metal strap and fixtures with a silver black face, in blue presentation zip case.
  • Brass, Zippo lighter, 1980s.
  • Brass, Jack Daniels branded Zippo lighter in metal presentation case.
  • Black leather, Jack Daniels branded flint lighter in presentation case. See this image.
  • Zippo Handwarmer. See this link for information.
  • Metropolis 40ltr roll on hand luggage, black – Similar to this image.
  • And finally, my full birth certificate- I think, I can’t be certain.

Cheers to PCs, CIS and CID of Admiral Street Police Station, and thanks to friends and family for their support.

If you have any information, please contact myself, or CID Liverpool South directly 0151 777 4896, crime reference number 0515005998.

Thanks again,



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