My name’s Mark, friends call me Bean, welcome to my website.

For twenty years I have been using computers and the Internet to create programs, images, prints, websites and connected physical devices. I have been involved in a number of roles from network architecture, virtualisation, quality assurance, graphic design and software engineering. Academically I posses a first class Multimedia Systems BSc(Hons) Thick-Sandwich degree from Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU 2011) and I am completing a Ph.D at The Protect Centre, part of The School of Computer Science at LJMU. My thesis is concerned with detecting a phenomenon known as software aging and applying methods of rejuvenation to mitigate the phenomena. I have presented my work at a number of conferences.


I am available for consultancy please don’t hesitate to get in contact if you think I can help you. I specialise for individuals/small business and enable people to maintain and update their website’s content as they wish. The turnaround for such is remarkably fast and good value. If you have a larger project I can also work with you and third parties for more bespoke solutions. Such usually cover a great breadth of digitally literate skill sets. Helping civil,┬ácultural and social enterprise projects are of particular interest.