WordPress horrorshow

So it’s with some regret that I login here to write a quick post and then I end up writing this post.

For reasons common to most people who administer their own hosted wordpress I’ve only just ran some updates which has spoilt my blog- to some degree. The main spoil comes from the theme update which is now not the theme I installed but the theme on steroids, to the extent it has a lot of wasted features and some features I can’t find the off-switch for (see the image placeholder in the blog page).

The regret is naturally not keeping my own site updated.

<grumble />

Naturally this is a recurring theme which I’d rather do without. I’ve been convinced for a few months now that I will flatten this site and do away away with dependencies of trad. blogs (such as wordpress), php, mysql, plugins, updates, etc. and go for static site generation.

I’ve been getting experience with Jekyll so that’s a likely contender. As is Hugo.

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