Product Backlog

An update is long overdue, I am more than aware! I do have several drafts from over the past year, which I haven’t actually looked at since drafting. I am going to make one large retrospective post and then publish finer details as much as I can over the coming weeks; there’s a product backlog!

Right now though I want to say THANK YOU to supervisors, colleagues, peers, friends and even academics outside of my school who read the last published blog entry back in March 2013 and offered many kind words and much support over the past twelve months. I was especially taken aback when one friend said it [I am avoiding the litteral I for it!] was “brave” to even attempt to blog about mental health.

To you all, truly, thank you.

PS- Berlin was brilliant, you should go.

edit: silly typos- one day I’ll proof something, eh!

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